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Visakha uthsav 2017

India is known for its many hued fairs and festivals that forms an integral part of the attraction of India. Each state, race and culture comes up with different fairs and festivals that are different from each other, each with different origin and each has a different way of celebration.

Fairs and Festivals forms an integral part of the living heritage of Andhra Pradesh. Visakha Uthsav in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety throughout Andhra Pradesh. It is supposed to be an annual tourism festival which carries on for three days at a stretch. It is organized by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Visakha Uthsav brings together the art, culture, crafts, handicrafts and various cuisines of the different regions of the state.

Time for Celebration Visakha Uthsav:

Visakha Uthsav is generally celebrated during mid January according to the English calendar. Generally it takes place in the third Friday of January and continues till Sunday.

Description of Visakha Uthsav :

Visakha Uthsav is very important for the people of Vishakhapatnam. The fair portrays the many potential present in the region. Huge number of people throngs at the destined venues to enjoy cultural programs, sports activities and cuisine competitions and preparations from far and near.

Garment exhibition is also held (Vastra) along with cultural shows (kala) and traditional crafts (Jataara).

Heritage tours( Yatra) and Flower shows are also held.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam invest a huge amount in this fair to fuel the tourism industry in the region.